Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Making Workouts a Family Affair

So we’re sending our  oldest daughter to volleyball camp this year, twice, and we’ve registered her for the local recreation team as well. I’m hoping she loves it. Anyway, so we’ve got our oldest son training for football. That takes a lot of chauffeur time.

So now we’ve got our daughter running a mile three times a week. She kept wanting to quit and was whiny and crying on Monday. (Of course we went farther than a mile because the GPS on my phone was messed up.) She kicked it today! Took a whole minute off her time & only stopped for a few seconds to readjust the armband because it’s too big!

Yesterday she did a volleyball training workout, lots of squats and lunges – for strengthening those jumping muscles. I am proud of her!

And the little kids just want to be included, so we find something for them to do as well.

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