Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dinner Experiment with HONEY

I started with:

1/2 pkg bacon and cut it into little strips so that it would brown more quickly and crumble perfectly, took the bacon out and placed it on napkins (I didn't have any paper towels) to drain the excess fat;
1# ground turkey browned in the bacon grease - it pretty much sopped it all up,but the flavor was great!
1/2 pkg mushrooms washed and I separated the stems from the buttons and tossed them into the *turkey;
Worcestershire sauce drizzled over the meat until the aroma pierced my nose (love Worcestershire, so this is a taste thing, I would guess);
Honey drizzled across the top of the meat, but sparingly, I didn't want it to be too sweet;
Rosemary (from the co-op that dried by itself in my pantry!) leaves off 2 "twigs" and crumbled them over the meat and then added the bacon back in.

I just let it simmer in the sauce and served with white rice that was steamed in with green onions in chicken broth.  I used my amazing rice cooker that keeps the rice warm after it's done cooking, it even has a timer! So easy!

*Side note: My oldest claims to really NOT like mushrooms, like his Aunt Bob, but guess what! Even he liked these mushrooms that sat in the Worcestershire sauce! HA!

Okay, so my kids are not normal. They like Brussels sprouts over green beans! They've been bugging me to get asparagus. Got some from co-op this last time, so I set out to find something yummy... Well, I decided I would use the "Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts" recipe but used the asparagus instead, and then I drizzled again! HONEY! I was in the mood for honey, I guess.


So here it is:

1 pound asparagus, washed and the(very small) woody ends chopped off, but leave the leaves sauteed in olive oil (I feel like I need to call it "EVOO" like Rachel Ray!);
Sprinkle a little salt and pepper (here I would have used coarse sea salt if I had had some, but I was out, so I used table sea salt);
And at the end, drizzled the honey and "tossed" all the asparagus so it was all covered.

Kids ate everything on their plates, so I deem this experiment a SUCCESS!

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